A wellness coach is a professional who helps people assess their current physical and emotional state and helps them set goals for what they want to achieve in their overall wellness and health by working with them on plans of action to reach these goals



 A wellness coach helps their clients with the development of sustainable strategies to bring overall wellness, health, and well-being in their client's life. A wellness coach will help a person achieve their goals by working with an individual's strengths and values in creating plans for a long-term wellness strategy. Working with a wellness coach should be an inspiring, empowering and motivating experience.


Wellness coaching is the collaboration between the coach and the client to achieve goals. 

Wellness coaches provide highly personalized help. There is no single answer.  


Depending on the area of focus, and the wellness coach's expertise and education, a wellness coach may be able to help with setting goals with clients for improved: 

Wellness coaches work closely with their clients often on a one-on-one basis to give them tools to achieve their personal wellness goals.

Wellness Coaching

Do you need a Wellness Coach?


 Different people have different needs when it comes to personal well-being and health. If you think that having someone help you identify your goals, strengths, and challenges and create a step by step plan to help you reach your health and wellness goals, then you might benefit from a wellness coach.  Schedule  a  consultation  to  see  if  a  Wellness  Coach  is  a  good  match  for  you

Key Motivators


Wellness coaches are also key motivators in helping their clients stay on track as they make lifestyle changes. A wellness coach should be able to provide small steps to achieve goals and provide guidance and support along the way. Wellness coaches empower their clients to reach their goals. 

Options for Sessions


Wellness Coaches work with clients in many different settings. Some clients save time and use online coaching.

Others enjoy the intimate studio setting with their Wellness  Coach One/One. Some clients love being outdoors and taking in fresh air. You and your Wellness Coach will find what works best for you.


When People May Benefit From a Wellness Coach

- Due to a newly diagnosed medical condition that requires lifestyle changes, such as diabetes

- Other medical conditions such as anxiety or stress may also be helped with certain types of wellness coaching as well. Your doctor should be able to help you understand if a wellness coach is a good idea.

- When you want to make a lifestyle change, such as losing weight or quitting smoking

- If you want to improve your health or well-being in general. 

There doesn't always need to be something wrong in order for a person to want to improve their health or overall wellness. Working with a wellness coach can help.


Digging Deep for Why

 Your health coach will help you create your personal wellness vision: a picture of what your life would look like and feel like if you were at your optimal level of health and wellness. You'll explore why it truly matters to you, digging deep to uncover your deepest motivators for change. You will discuss the actions you would need to take to achieve this vision. Those actions become the foundation of long-term and short-term weekly goals that you create for yourself.  .


Taking Action is a Challenge

Most people know exactly what they need to do to develop healthy lifestyle habits. It's taking action on this knowledge that is the challenge. Coaches are trained to ask the tough questions that will have you exploring your deepest motivations for change, finally connecting your heart and head so that acting on what you know you need to do becomes second nature. 

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